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Maple Investment Realty is a special type of Real Estate Brokerage. Founded by Amir Fatemi, the company offers a unique approach to helping clients buy and sell Real Estate. 

Buying Real Estate, in a growing and expanding city, is as much about your needs as it is about investments. Furthermore, needs and lifestyles have become much more complex. Single parenthood, self-employment, working from home, or wanting to live closer to work. Whatever the case, our approach to buying Real Estate looks at “all” your needs, including “return on investment”. We pride ourselves on finding properties that strike the right balance between a sound investment, and matching functional needs. Our focus is to maximize the benefits of a Real Estate transaction to our clients. 

Selling Real Estate used to be all about location, location, and location, but today it is much more than that. Multiple factors can affect a property’s “potential value”. Unlocking this hidden value can only be realized if the property is marketed and sold to the “right” buyer. 

This is a distinct departure from what many of the traditional Real Estate companies provide, but it allows us to offer our clients more opportunities to maximize the value of what could be the most important investment that they will ever make – their home.


  • Educate CLIENTS about Real Estate. All the opportunities, risks and benefits involved in buying, selling and investing.
  • Maximize BUYER’s Return on Investment, as well as functionality by matching Buyer’s requirements and needs to the right property.
  • Market SELLER’s Property to the proper target market in order to maximize return on investment for the Seller.
  • Develop INVENTORY of reliable Real Estate Investment opportunities yielding high rates of return for investors.

Our approach is not for everyone, but we believe that it is the best one to follow in a Real Estate market that is becoming increasingly volatile and unpredictable. Once our Clients understand the opportunities available in the Real Estate market, they won’t look at their home in the same way again.

Why not get the home of your dreams, and make more money at the same time? If you are an investor, consider our Real Estate Investment strategies that can consistently yield returns higher than market averages. We encourage you to review our website for more information or call us at 416.398.3888 to speak to one of our qualified Agents.

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