Amir Fatemi

Broker of Record

Amir Fatemi is the founder and Broker of Record of Maple Investment Realty Inc., Brokerage. He has more than a decade of professional and personal Real Estate experience. 

Amir spent 10 years working at Bell, first in direct sales and customer service, and then in marketing. Bell’s world-class training in marketing, sales and customer service provided him with the necessary tools and skills that laid the foundation for his success in Real Estate.

Working in a competitive industry such as telecommunications, he developed unique and creative marketing strategies that he now applies to the Real Estate industry. 

Amir earned a Bachelor of Commerce with a Major in Economics from University of Toronto. His education taught him not only to be analytical and alert, but also to understand the dynamics of the Real Estate market both from a micro (local), and a macro (regional/national) perspective. 

Utilizing his background in economics, marketing, science, and sales, and by applying extensive research and analysis, Amir was able to pick properties that consistently outperformed the general Real Estate market as a whole. Now as the President of Maple Investment Realty, he is able to share his Real Estate wealth creating strategies with his clients.

Amir also holds a B.Sc. from the University of Toronto and lives in Toronto with his wife and three young sons. 

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