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The Importance of Investor Education

We feel that education is the most important aspect of any investment decision. We take the time to inform potential investors on the various factors affecting the success of Real Estate investments. We believe that through extensive education, our clients will understand the opportunities available, but also the potential risks involved, and how our systems are designed to overcome these obstacles. Our Real Estate investment strategies have taken years to perfect so as to mitigate the risk to our investors. 

We are disciplined Real Estate investors. There is a reason for everything we do. We purposely execute projects on a relatively short-term basis (6-24 months) in order to avoid major market corrections. Property purchase prices factor-in potential short-term market corrections to maintain profits. Many of parts of our strategies are difficult to execute, but that is where our expertise plays a pivotal role in our success. We know what to do, how to do it and when to execute for maximum profitability. 


We’ve developed and refined Real Estate investment systems designed to achieve high annual returns.  Our methodologies and strategies are proven and we have always returned a profit. The following is a list of investment strategies that we offer potential investors.


The idea of land assembly is find properties that when grouped together unlock a synergistic value that is much higher than the purchase price of the individual properties. The reasoning for this is the assembled land can now be used for higher density, higher value property developments such as townhouse complexes or condominium towers.  Land assemblies take time to execute properly. At times they could be very difficult, but they are profitable.  The key is to find the right assembly.  This is where experience, knowledge and skill play a pivotal role in the success of the execution.


This is the largest opportunity for wealth generation. A properly constructed land development project can have high-yield annual returns.  The process takes land assembly one step further by actually constructing higher density residences and then selling them for even greater levels of profit. We’ve developed a turnkey land development system that handles everything involved – land assembly, rezoning, planning, design, construction, and unit sale. We’ve assembled a trusted and experienced team of project managers, planners, architects, designers and construction contractors to execute the projects. Our system is designed to maximize wealth creation and mitigate risks.


On occasions, depending on location, there are opportunities to purchase single parcels of land and develop them for higher value purposes. These opportunities are usually available in older areas that are undergoing rapid change in demographics, zoning and land use. These types of developments can usually be financed by a single investor and generate impressive returns.


In some areas of Toronto, opportunities exist for the development of new custom homes. These are usually properties that have smaller, older homes with the potential for development. The idea is to buy the property, demolish the existing structure and foundation, layout a new custom home that fits into the neighborhood but that has more features and amenities that allow the property to showcase better, sell faster and obtain a premium over surrounding properties. The key to success of type of project is to purchase the property at the right price in order to build a custom home that will sell at a modestly higher premium compared to the surrounding properties. Yields for these types of projects are high and can be executed over a 12-month period.


If you do not want to actively participate in land assemblies or land development, you can still obtain relatively high levels of return (6-15% per year) by putting your money into secure real estate loans. We offer these opportunities depending on the types of projects that are available and the need for financing required. If you are interested, we can put you on our list of real estate lenders and notify you when the opportunity becomes available.


We have assembled a great deal of knowledge and experience in the creation and successful execution of land development opportunities. We understand that there may be individuals or investors that would like to do their own projects but need some advice on how to mitigate the risks and maximize return. We’ve designed a consulting service that helps do-it-yourself developer/investors undertake the projects themselves. We can answer your questions, help you develop a strategy, and assist you in financial calculations to ensure profitability.

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